The Date of the Memo:

Thursday, 20-3-1437 AH corresponding to 31-12-2015 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Jeraisy Chair for Human Rights Studies at the University of Imam


The Purpose of the Memo:

Providing a framework for cooperation between the two parties in many areas of common concern, especially regarding to  studies in the field of human rights. The signing was attended by a number of members of the Society, the Commission for Scientific chair and representatives of newspapers.

From Abdul-Rahman Al-Jeraisy Chair Side                                          From the National Society for Human Rights’ Side

Dr. Ahmed Rumi                                                                                          Dr. Mufleh Rabiean Al-Qahtani

Chair Professor                                                                                  The Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights