The Date of the Memo:

3/4/1433 AH – 25/2/2012 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and Mawada Charity


The Purpose of the Memo:

Cooperating in the field of the family human rights in Saudi Arabia through the pursuit with the concerned authorities so as to complete the system of legislation and procedures and modify them as that would preserve the family and protect the rights of its members. In addition, working on spreading the culture of family human rights and work to increase its awareness through holding and organizing the  conferences, seminars, training programs, awareness campaigns and releasing human rights bulletins as well as issuing the joint reports on the family human rights fact in Saudi Arabia , the most prominent family issues, and the difficulties and problems related to the systemic and procedural rules. Besides, monitoring its most significant developments and working on preparing a scientific approach on the culture of the family human right, and strive with the concerned authorities for approving it  as a curriculum in the early stages of education as well as preparing scientific studies that address the domestic human rights situation. Moreover, proposing appropriate solutions to address the challenges and problems facing the Saudi family in the legal and procedural framework , and  both parties hope that signing the memo would contribute in raising the awareness of the human rights of women and their access to rights guaranteed in the light of the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.