The Date of the Memo:

19/4/1431 AH – 4/4/2010 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Purpose of the Memo:

The Society is aiming to be provided with the cases in which any wrong exercises have been proven from any authority that attracts the employment such as offending the employee, whether male or female, not paying his salary or compromising his dignity.

Hence, the Society and the Chamber are urging the recruitment offices and other relevant entities to inform the Society or the competent governmental authorities of any cases involving any violation of the rights of these workers. Besides, the Society will make some tasks in this regard, including:

– Following-up the issues that it has received from the Chamber of Commerce and make what is necessary concerning them.

– Investigating the formal proof in case of the violation of the sponsors for the recruited contracts through its relation with the competent authorities and working to preserve the rights of the parties.

– Coordinating with the foreign embassies, whose nationals are resorted to it, in order to preserve the rights of the employer (sponsor).

Besides, the Chamber of Commerce is working to generalize, on the private recruitment offices in Riyadh, the need for guiding and enlightening the employers of their duties towards their labor. The parties also agreed in the memorandum of understanding to work for developing the awareness of human rights in the community through acknowledging the employers of their legal and systemic duties towards the employment within an accepted humanitarian context. Also undertaking studies that address the conditions and rights of the labor and employer in the Kingdom.