The Date of the Memo:

On Tuesday 13/1/1429 AH – 22/1/2008 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and the National Committee for Lawyers at the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry


The Purpose of the Memo:

In this Memo, the Committee and the Society  have agreed to exchange the studies, researches and information in the fields that are important for both parties especially that are related to human rights in Saudi Arabia. Besides, they should be assisted by the lecturers and experts, from both parties, in the courses and educational and awareness lectures in order to raise the level and legal thinking in the field of human rights. Moreover, nominating lawyers from the Committee through the committees of lawyers in the different chambers of the Kingdom so as to defend and advocate on all the cases that come before the Society and in a way that serve achieving its objectives, terms of reference and definition. This is through inviting all the related legal and executive authorities or making general invitations to all the beneficiaries and those who are interested in human rights in any of the Kingdom’s cities according to need. Also holding and organizing joint seminars and workshops directed to the various human rights and security devices and the systems of justice and in particular the regular law and Criminal Procedure that are related to human rights and to devote the importance of the role of the lawyer in this field.