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On Wednesday, 24/4/1441 AH corresponding to 18/12/2019 AD, Officials from the political affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America in Riyadh has visited the National Society for Human Rights, during which they met the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh bin Rabian Al-Qahtani, who has briefly shed light on the activities of the Society and its various fields of work. They have also discussed the development witnessed by the Kingdom in the field of women’s rights and what has been done about empowering her in various fields without requiring obtaining the approval of others, especially if there is abuse of some guardians in the use of the concept of guardianship, so this empowerment will create a balance in this area.For more illustration, there is a need to preserve the family as being the nucleus of society, as stipulated in the basic system of government in the Kingdom, and between allowing women to obtain their rights and some guardians not arbitrarily denying them.

The discussion has also highlighted the efforts made by the Kingdom in protecting the family. To illustrate, the Chairman of the Society has stressed that the Kingdom made great efforts to protect the rights of women and children, including the issuance of a child protection system and a system to protect from abuse, which contributed in finding solutions to some of the problems that were facing women and children in the past, including irregular education, treatment or denial of identification.

Moreover, His Excellency the Chairman of the Society has inquired from the visiting delegation about some of the human rights issues concerning the Saudis in America and how the American government dealt with them and whether some of these issues are subject to state law or federal law, and the delegation  answered them.

The discussion has also shed light on some other human rights issues, such as the rights of male and female prisoners, and the remarkable development witnessed by the Mabahith prisons in the Kingdom, including the presence of hospitals in each prison, as well as the presence of offices of the National Society for Human Rights.

At the end, the visiting delegation has praised the efforts made by the Society and the activities it is working to achieve and stressed on the importance of the mutual listening to views in the field of human rights. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ahmed Al Mahmoud, the Secretary of the Society’s Chairman.