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The National Society for Human Rights has deeply followed the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and it has stressed on the importance of accelerating the disclosure of the circumstances of this case through a joint effort between the Saudi and Turkish governments in order to achieve justice and reveal the whole truth.
It has also noticed the efforts of some international, regional and legal authorities to employ this issue politically, in order to serve some agendas and attitudes against the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without taking into consideration any of the justice requirements or the feelings of Mr. Khashoggi’s family and relatives.
Besides, the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh Rabiean Al-Qahtani, has said that the case should be left to the Saudi-Turkish joint investigation team, and wait for what they will reach.
He added saying that the attempt of some of the media to undermine the reputation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia politically and economically because of this case, contrasted with the commitment of the media to transfer the facts and not to affect the path of investigation and the legal actions of the  concerned parties.
In addition, he has stressed that the attitude of the Kingdom regarding this issue was clear from the beginning when it demanded the need to reveal the truth.