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On Saturday, the National Society for Human Rights has held its 19th General Assembly at its new headquarters in Riyadh and Dr. Mufleh bin Rabian Al-Qahtani was unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the Society for the next four years. Besides, Dr. Saleh Al-Khathlan and Dr. Norah Al-Ajlan were elected Vice-Chairman and the following members were elected For the membership of the Executive Council:

1 – Professor Suleiman bin Awwad Zaidi

2 – Mr. Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al Fakhri

3 – Dr. Abdul Jalil bin Ali Saif

4 – Dr. Suhaila bint Zain Al Abidine Hammad

5- Dr. Ibrahim bin Hamad Al-Qaid

6- Dr. Wafaa bint Mahmoud Taiba

The final account of the Society and its estimated budget were also adopted and some human rights issues, such as the issue of Al-Bedoon and the prisoners and detainees issues, were discussed.

The meeting was followed by the opening of the new headquarter of the Society which have been finished recently and it was attended by the supervisors of the branches and the Society’s members.