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The National Society for Human Rights announces that it was surprised by the sudden withdrawal of the nationality of Sheikh Taleb bin Mohammed bin Lahoum bin Shuraim and 55 other members of his family, including children and 18 women, in a step that violates all their legal rights and violates the principles of human rights. It was also considered an international precedent that was not happened before except by the Qatari government itself in 2005, when more than 5,000 of its citizens from Al-Ghofraan tribe were displaced of their nationality without any justification or reason in compatible with international standards.
For more illustration, the 56 persons were Qatari citizens and their nationality was withdrawn suddenly. After having fixed identity, now they were homeless without a homeland or stability, and were subjected to all kinds of risks and complete deprivation of the rights of health care, housing, education, work, and freedom of movement. Though the Saudi Government now provides them with all services to prevent their harm, this does not negate their full right to their nationality, which can not be withdrawn by any law, and the need to return all their stolen rights.
Besides, the National Society for Human Rights regrets and condemns this indiscriminate collective punishment, which includes children and women because they belong to certain families since the nationality is not a passing gift but it is an inherent human right. The Society also calls upon all humanitarian bodies and organizations to play their role and monitor the situation of these victims and stand beside them especially we are now witnessing the 36th session of the Human Rights Council, which seeks to promote the values ​​of protection and advocacy for every right that is clearly denied, and it has clarified that remaining silent about this blatant abuse, flagrant violation and collective punishment of innocent people who have no sin except that the Qatar authority has felt that they should be punished violates the credibility of human rights and their universal values. All of these persons are now threatened with all kinds of dangers arising from the withdrawal of citizenship and any risk to them is a condemnation of human rights organizations and bodies, especially the Qatar Human Rights Committee, which ignored this blatant violation of the rights of these people and never addressed them.