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The National Society for Human Rights has welcomed the directives of the Attorney-General to release women whose cases were still in the process of seizure and inference. The Chairman of the Society,Dr. Mufleh bin Rabiean Al-Qahtani, has said that this procedure is in line with the spirit of the regime and that no one, whether male or female, should be arrested except after the availability of sufficient evidence of committing specific offense, and that this offense should be a case for suspension. He added saying that whenever the accused person is tried while he is released whenever he has the opportunity to review his behavior and hold himself accountable and at the same time he will have the opportunity to defend himself before the judiciary. The Chairman of the Society has also called for the activation of the role of the Public Prosecution in the supervision of prisons and to ensure that there are no prisoners whose sentences have ended and have not been released for administrative or procedural reasons or for the absence of the other party in the case or for not receiving their transactions from other parties or for their inability to pay though proving their insolvency. Besides, he has noted that there a great cooperation between the Society and the Public Prosecution and that the Society appreciates the efforts of the Public Prosecution to achieve justice in our country.