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The National Society for Human Rights has welcomed the issuance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, to form a supreme committee headed by the Crown Prince, the membership of the head of the monitoring and investigation authority and the head of the National Anti-Corruption Authority. This committee will have the validity to limit and investigate offenses, crimes, persons and entities involved in cases of public corruption and to issue arrest warrants, as well as preventing travel, detecting and freezing accounts, tracking funds and assets and preventing their transfer by persons and entities. In addition, it will take all the necessary measures with those involved in cases of public corruption of persons, entities, funds and fixed and transferred assets inside and abroad and return the funds to the State Treasury and register the property and assets in the name of state property.
Besides, the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh Rabiean Al-Qahtani has said that this royal order confirms that fighting corruption comes in the list of priorities of the current Saudi leadership and that no one, involved in corruption cases and has overcome his interests on the public interest and has assaulted public money and exploited power and influence, is beyond accountability.
Dr. Al-Qahtani has also added that the nature of the membership of this committee, the selection of the Crown Prince for its presidency and the exception of its work from some of the routine restrictions confirm the supreme desire to fight corruption and protect public funds in a serious and rapid manner without allowing the administrative routine to interfere with achieving these goals.