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The National Society for Human Rights has welcomed the supreme order of allowing women to drive the car. The Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh bin Rabiean Al Qahtani, has pointed out that this supreme order is a historical step and has made a difference in the development of women’s rights in the Kingdom,
The Chairman of the Society has added saying that the leadership asserted in its speech to facilitate the right of movement for all and that the executive authorities have the duty to regulate the implementation of this decision in order to enhance its economic, social advantages and prevent any negative effects that may result from the lack of commitment to some of the content of this supreme order.
Besides, he has stressed that the issue of allowing women to drive the car has always been one of the topics raised in order to undermine the reputation of the Kingdom in the international and human rights reports and conferences, and that this matter will put an end to this matter.
The Chairman of the Society has also called everyone to help in the implementation of this resolution properly according to the controls of legitimacy and prevent the occurrence of any negative in practice and called on God to preserve our homeland and our leadership and our security.