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The Dutch Human Rights’minister has visited the Society

19 February, 2014

On Wednesday, 10/01/1435 , corresponding to 11/14/2013 AD, Mr. Lionel Veer, the Human Rights Ambassador in the Dutch Foreign Ministry , accompanied by Mr. Lawrence and Esthov, the  Ambassador of…Read more

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The Chairman of the Society emphasizes the importance of studying the reports of the international human rights organizations dealing with the Saudi affair

30 December, 2013

Dr. Mufleh Rabiean-Qahtani, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights ,has questioned the attitudes of the international organizations from the Kingdom’s situation in the field of human rights,…Read more

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British delegation visits the Society

30 December, 2013

On the morning of Sunday, 29/12/1434 AH, a delegation from the British Foreign Office including  Mr. Kenny Taylor, Mr. Chris Stmpson accompanied by Mr. Stephen Deek ,the second secretary and…Read more

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The Society addresses the “Ministry of Interior” about the situation of the undocumented

30 December, 2013

As a matter of urgency,  the day after the start of the inspections that followed the campaign regarding correcting the conditions of the  offender employment, the National Society for Human…Read more

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The National Society for Human Rights chooses coordinators to cooperate with the governmental agencies

30 December, 2013

Source: Okaz newspaper ,4 Muharram 1435 AH corresponding to November 7 , 2013

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The National Society for Human Rights has participated in the Child Helpline (116111) Conference

24 December, 2013

During the period from 13-15 Safar 1435 AH , corresponding to 16 – 18 December 2013 AD,  the  Family Safety Program has set up the Child Helpline (116 111) regional…Read more

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