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The speech of the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh bin Rabian Al-Qahtani,…

31 December, 2021
The International Human Rights Day, which is on the tenth of December, passes this year and the worl...Read more
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Appointing the Chairman of the Society as a member of the Advisory Board…

7 December, 2021
The members and employees of the National Society for Human Rights congratulate His Excellency Dr. M...Read more
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The Chairman of the Society is at the Forum entitled “The Role of…

7 December, 2021
Dr. Mufleh bin Rabian Al-Qahtani has participated in the (Fourth) Forum for Organizing Kingdom Dialo...Read more
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The National Society for Human Rights receives the Ambassador of the Kingdom of…

7 December, 2021
On Monday 19/3/1443 AH corresponding to 25/10/2021 AD, the Dutch Ambassador for Human Rights, Mrs. B...Read more
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