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The Norway’s Ambassador to the Kingdom visits the Society and the Chairman of…

9 June, 2016

On Sunday 29/8/1437 AH, the Ambassador of Norway to Saudi Arabia Mr....Read more

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The Society moves to its new headquarter in Al-Riyadh and starts its work

5 June, 2016

The National Society for Human Rights has moved to its new headquart...Read more

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A meeting between the supervisor of the Society’s branch in Mecca region, and…

5 June, 2016

On Morning 17/8/1437 AH , at eleven O’clock,  a meeting has been hel...Read more

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The Society holds its 18th Annual General Assembly in its new headquarter in…

25 May, 2016
On Saturday morning, 7\8\1437 AH – 14/5/2016 AD, the National Society for Human Rights has held its ...Read more
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