The Founders

The Undersigned members:

–      In accordance with the Holy Quran, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) and the governing statute of the Kingdom issued by the Royal approval no. (90/A) on 27/8/1412 AH.


–      Recognizing the importance of the Human Rights in this world and the importance of awaring both the society and the individual with it as well as undertaking compared studies and researches in the field of: the Human Rights in Islam, declarations, instruments, and international conventions.

–      Contributing to the defense of human’s rights in order to realize his dignity as Allah, His Majesty the High One, says “Now, Indeed, we have conferred dignity on the children of Adam”.

–      Supporting the effort of the state and its institutions in setting the regulations regarding Human Rights and their implementation.

–      Supporting the citizen’s right in monitoring and following-up his rights approved by the Islamic teachings and organized by the regulations in force as well as protecting him from the violations that can be happened.

–      Applying the organized public participation to contribute in the society’s service and building the civil society’s organizations,

–      After reviewing many laws and international experiences in the field of organizing the performance of the human rights’ organizations and committees.

–      Contribution to the international efforts and global cooperation in this field.

–      And according to the initial coordination with the authorities concerned with these rights such as the Ministries of Justice, Interior, and Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Have decided the following:


Firstly: Founding an independent national organization to be concerned with Human Rights namely: the National Society for Human Rights.


Secondly: The Society works in accordance with its own statute.


Thirdly: Asking the approval of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques on the permission of the Society to practice its work as well as supporting it to achieve its goals.


Fourthly: The Society directs its work after issuing the Royal Approval.


The Signatories:


1-  Dr. Ibrahim Bin Hamad Al Qaeed

2-  Dr. Abubakr Ahmed Abubakr Bkader

3-  Dr. Ahmed Seif El Din Trkstany

4-  Dr. Ahmed Bin Yehia Albhkhly

5-  Mr. Ismail Bin Ibrahim Segini

6-  Dr. Bandar Bin Muhammad Al Hajaar

7-  Dr. Bahija Bint Bahaa Ezzy

8-  Mrs. Thuria Bint Ebid Muhammad Sheikh

9-  Mrs. Al Jawharaa Bint Muhammad Al Ankary

10-      Dr. Habib Bin Malaa Bin Luwihik Al Metiri

11-      Mr. Hejab Bin Yehia Al Hazmy

12-      Dr Husin Bin Nasser Bin Abdulla Al Sherif

13-      Dr. Hmad Bin Abdullah Al Majed

14-      Dr. Khaled Bin Abdulrahman Al Hamody

15-      Dr. Rashed Bin Abdelaziz Al Mubarak

16-      Dr. Saad Bin Atyia Al Ghamdi

17-      Dr. Souhaila Bint Zein Al Abedin Hmaad

18-      Dr. Saleh Bin Abdulrahman Al Sheridah

19-      Dr. Saleh Bin Muhammad Al Khathlan

20-      Dr. Abduljeleel Bin Ali Seif

21-      Dr. Abdel Khalik Abdullah Al Abd El Hay

22-      Mr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Al Rashid

23-      Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamoud Al Anaad Al Kadeb

24-      Dr. Abdulqader Bin Tash Muhammad Tash

25-      Dr. Abdulmohsen Bin Abdel Aziz Al Akaas

26-      Dr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Lhydan

27-      Dr. Abdullah Bin Saleh Al Ebid

28-      Mr. Abdullah Bin Abdelzaher Abu Al Samh

29-      Dr. Othman Bin Yassin Al Rawaf

30-      Dr. Ali Bin Abbas Al Hakamy

31-      Dr. Omar Bin Zohir Hafez

32-      Dr. Mefleh Bin Rubayaan Al Qahtani

33-      Dr. Lobna Bint Abdulrahman Al Ansary

34-      Dr. Muhammad Bin Khaled Al Fadel

35-      Dr. Muhammad Bin Salem Bin Shadid Al Ofi

36-      Dr. Muhammad Bin Ali Al Qarri

37-      Mrs. Noraa Bint Hamad Al Jemeeh

38-      Dr. Noraa Bint Abdulrahman Al Yousef

39-      Dr. Noraa Bint Abdullah Al Aglaan

40-      Dr. Hannaa Bint Muhammad Al Motlq

41-      Dr. Wafaa Mahmoud Tiba