The Date of the Memo:

17/1/1430 AH – 14/1/2009 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and the Qatari National Human Rights Committee


The Purpose of the Memo:

Activating the cooperation between the two parties in order to spread the culture of human rights and educate members of the community through holding the conferences, seminars and workshops and preparing training programs and exchanging the research and studies relating to human rights. In addition, cooperating in considering and following-up the complaints received by both sides concerning the human rights violations. This step comes within the orientations of the Saudi National Society for Human Rights to activate the cooperation with the Gulf human rights organizations and associations. The agreement was signed by Dr Mufleh bin Rabiean Qahtani, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights and the Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Marri, the Chairman of the Qatari Human Rights Committee. Besides, Dr. Yusuf bin Mohammed Obeidan, the member of the Qatari National Human Rights Committee, and Mr. Hamad bin Saeed Hassan, the manager of the public relation and the media, have attended the signing of the Memo from the Qatari side; and from the Saudi side, Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Khathlan, the Vice President and Dr. Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Shraideh, the member of the Society, and Dr. Abdul Khaleq bin Abdullah Al-Abdul Hai, the member of the Society as well as Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Fakhri, the supervisor of the administrative and Financial Affairs have attended the signing.