Date of Memo:

Monday, 27-5-1437 AH corresponding to 7-3-2016 AD

Parties of the Memo:

National Society for Human Rights and Al Wedad Charity Foundation

Proceeding from the goals of the National Society for Human Rights and its constitution, which emphasized on the preservation of rights and spreading its  culture in the society, and from the humanitarian role played by Al Wedad Charitable Foundation for the Care of Orphans in accordance with its own rules and goals in caring for orphans of unknown parentage, treating them and saving their rights, the National Society for Human Rights and Al Wedad Charity Foundation have agreed on signing a memorandum of understanding to organize their working mechanism in order to achieve their goals and enhance the building of family cohesion and protect it from disintegration.

It’s worth mentioning that Al Wedad Charity Foundation is the first organization specialized in caring orphans of unknown parentage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1429 in Jeddah and it aims to address the unknown parentage orphans’ issues and provide care for them through modern and distinct methods by illegitimate manner and integrate them in foster families.

One of the main programs of the foundation is “embracing through breastfeeding program” which means finding foster families for orphaned children through breastfeeding. In addition, the Foundation is working hard to to achieve its vision which is dispensing shelters by finding a sitter’s family for each orphan.

Moreover, one of the projects that was announced by the Foundation during signing the memorandum of understanding is the opening of four new branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it also plans to expand by opening branches in the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as establishing a branch in the city of Geneva.

The Goals of the Memo:

  • Cooperation between the National Society for Human Rights and Al Wedad Charity Foundation according to the rules and regulations in force in Saudi Arabia, and not inconsistent with the regulations of their respective systems.
  • Cooperation between the two societies in the field of human rights by seeking the concerned authorities to complete the system of legislation and procedures that safeguard the rights of children of unknown parentage.
  • Cooperation between the two societies to spread orphan rights culture in the society.
  • Cooperation in conducting studies, research and seminars, panel discussions and workshops to spread the culture of human rights in general and the rights of the orphan in particular.
  • Working to raise awareness of the human rights of orphans so as to promote social responsibility.
  • Achieving integrative and developmental work with the government and private entities.
  • Cooperation with agencies and universities for the rehabilitation of specialized human resources that deal with issues dealing with orphans of unknown parentage.
  • Spreading the culture of social reform and working on changing the society’s perception towards the orphaned children of unknown parentage as well as reflecting the reality of their situation and their circumstances to facilitate their integration in society.
  • Working on protecting young people from falling into sin.
  • A five-year agreement is automatically renewed unless one party request to end it at the end of period.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdullah Almjizev ,Vice President of Arwaa Foundation,  businessman Sheikh Meshaal al-Zaidi and businessman Mr. Saleh Al Sulaimani. From Al Wedad Foundation, Professor Suleiman AlNamla, Vice President of  Al Wedad Foundation, Engineer Roqn Mohammed Sabban and Mr. Hani Tiba the adviser and Professor Magda Abdel Aziz, director of public relations and Professor Nisreen Hafez, Director of Dar Al Ehtedaan in Makkah and a number of businessmen.

From the National Society for Human Rights’ side, Engineer Tawfiq Jawharge, Mr. Mohamed Clinton and Chief Executive Officer of the branch Mr. Abdullah Khadrawi have attended the cermony.


Al Wedad Charity Foundation             National Society for Human Rights

Name:  Eng. Hussein Bahri                            Name: Mr. Suleiman Al Zaydi

Position: Chairman of the Board                  Position: Supervisior of Makkah Branch