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The National Society for Human Rights was surprised by the incitement of some countries to some of the Saudi female delinquents to rebel against the values ​​of their families and push them out of the country and seek to receive them under the pretext of granting them asylum.

The Chairman of the Society, Dr.Mufleh Al-Qahtani,has added that such methods followed by some countries and some international organizations have political aims and not humanitarian as these countries are reluctant to receive real refugees, and may even leave them to die at sea. In addition, these countries are, deliberately and on the lips of some of its officials, keen to incite some Saudi delinquents and adolescents to go out on the values ​​and traditions of their families, which guarantee them a decent life and lasting care, and ultimately push them to loss and perhaps to fall into the arms of human trafficking brokers.
He also pointed out that there are laws in the Kingdom that prevent abuse and penalize those who are involved, including parents and the rest of the family. Besides, if what these girls said were true, they can lodge a complaint to the protection authorities in the Kingdom as well as the human rights organizations, which are available.

He has added that the Society deplores such behavior, which was issued by some officials of these countries, and considers it inciting and deceiving to those girls who are adolescence and unable to make the right decision. This behavior also includes an attack on the rights of the families of these girls and has also called on the officials of these countries to desist from such acts that have political motives and not humanitarian.