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On Tuesday 08/01/2019 ,HE Mrs. Gabriela Baroun, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, has visited the National Society for Human Rights during which she met the Chairman of the Society Dr. Mufleh Al Qahtani and a number of the Society’s members in the presence of Dr. Saleh Al Khathlan, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Shura Council.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Society has given a brief explanation regarding the activities of the Society and its contribution in spreading the human rights culture, its working mechanisms, the types of the cases it receives and the work of the Society in this regard.

They have also shed light on the development of the Kingdom in the field of human rights in general and in the field of women’s rights in particular, including the issuance of protection systems against abuse, child protection and the establishment of a family council.

In addition, they have discussed the issues of the statelessness and the international efforts exerted in this regard as well as the position of Saudi law from them, including the possibility that the mother has to grant the citizenship to her children and the activities of the International Parliament related to human rights in general.

They have also discussed some the other issues which the Chairman of the Society noted that it has the attention of the Society and its follow-up so as to ensure justice.