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The National Society for Human Rights has welcomed the issuance of the Convention of Combating Harassment in the Workplace by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The Vice President and Spokesperson of the Society, Dr. Saleh Al-Khathlan, has said that this charter is part of a general trend to strengthen the legislative system of a safe, respectful work environment. In addition, Dr. Al-Khathlan has said that this legislative system comes in response to the expansion of women’s employment and the required arrangements to ensure a safe working environment free from harassment and exploitation. He has also pointed out that Article 5 of the system allows the private and governmental authorities to prevent harassment. Therefore, the formulation of a policy in the form of a charter or code to prevent harassment is the first step in such regulation. Moreover, the vice president of the Society has called on the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to circulate to the institutions and companies that are subject to the labor system to put similar charters. He has also called on all ministries, academic institutions and civil society to accelerate the enactment of anti-harassment conventions and to disseminate them to its employees to ensure a safe working environment.