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The National Society for Human Rights has welcomed the commencement of the trial of those accused in the case of killing Jamal bin Ahmed Hamza Khashoggi after holding the first trial session on Thursday 3/1/2019  at the Criminal Court in Al-Riyadh which was attended by the Society. There were 11 accused including (5) detainees and their lawyers were present.The Chairman of the Society, Dr. Mufleh Al Qahtani, has said that this step confirms the keenness of the Saudi authorities to speed up the trial of those involved in this case and who participated in the commission of this heinous crime. Besides, the Society is confident that justice will be achieved and those who bypass law or their functional duties will be punished.

To illustrate, this was highlighted from the indictment filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which demanded the imposition of the legal sanction against the accused, each according to his participation or contribution in the commission of this crime. The defendants were also given an opportunity to respond to what is stated in the case list.