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On Wednesday 03/01/2024, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhri, has explained that there are many common goals between the NSHR and the Human Rights Commission in the Kingdom in protecting and promoting human rights, and in stressing the importance of empowering and supporting the Society in a way that contributes to achieve its goals and maintain its independence.

The Chairman of NSHR has highlighted that during his meeting with the Chairperson of the Standing Committee for Civil and Political Rights and a member of the Council of the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Sarah Abdelaziz Al-Faisal, and her fellow members of the Committee at the headquarters of the National Society for Human Rights and in the presence of a number of members of the Society.

Besides, during the meeting, Al-Fakhri has indicated that the National Society for Human Rights is the first body which is concerned with human rights in the Kingdom and that it is a national body that is financially and administratively independent. The Society also enjoys an independent legal personality and is not subject to the supervision of any government agency, as it works to defend human rights in accordance with the Basic Law of Governance and in accordance with the regulations in force and with what is stated in the obligations stipulated in declarations, charters, conventions and regional and international instruments on human rights through its headquarters in Riyadh and its branches in the regions of the Kingdom.

For her part, Al-Faisal has explained that the Commission is concerned with protecting and promoting human rights in accordance with the international human rights standards in all fields, spreading awareness of them, and contributing to ensuring the application of this in light of the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

She adds saying that the Commission and the Society seek to achieve one goal, which is the protection and promotion of human rights.

Finally, the two sides have stressed, during the meeting, the importance of joint cooperation in serving human rights issues.