The objectives and functions of the Society

About the Society  

The National Society for Human Rights is a national organization, which is financially administratively independent and has no connection with any governmental agency. It defends the human rights of citizens, residents, and visitors within and out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through cooperating with governmental and non- governmental organizations within the Kingdom and world-wide.



The Vision of the Society 

Participating in building a society of equity, equality and rule of law according to the Islamic teachings that calls for tolerance and rejection of violence and extremism.



The Mission of the Society    

Protecting and defending the Human Rights, publishing their culture and taking the necessary procedures to deal with complaints and grievance due to violating  and breaching human rights so as to curb these violations and eliminate their effects. In addition, undertaking studies and holding conferences, symposia and workshops, issuing and publications, and declaring stances, and processing reports.



The Objectives of the Society   

According to Article no.(2) from the constitution of the National Society for Human rights, the objectives of the Society are as follows:

1-   To endeavor to protect the human rights according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is based on the Quran and the teachings of Mohammad and in accordance with applied regulations, along with the Declarations and Covenants of Human Rights issued by the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the United Nations and its agencies and specialized committees, so long as they do not contradict with Islamic Shariah (Islamic Laws).


2-     To cooperate with the international organizations working in the same field.


3-   To stand against injustice, abuse, violence, torture, and intolerance.




The Functions of the Society   

According to Article no.(3) from its constitution, its functions asserts on the following:

1-   To ensure the enforcement of rules of the Constitution and the internal regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pertaining to human rights.


2-   To ensure the fulfillment of the obligation of the Kingdom concerning issues of human rights, according to the contents of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, the charter of the United Nations, and international covenants and documents of human rights.



3-   To receive complaints and grievances, follow them up with competent entities, and to verify claims regarding violations and abuses of human rights.


4-   To present views and proposals to governmental and non-governmental bodies for teaching and dissemination of information in the field of human rights.


5-   To handle human rights issues dealt with by international bodies, in general, and by non-governmental international organizations, in particular.


6-   To study international covenants and documents of international human rights and their applications.


7-   To conduct international, regional, and local conferences, symposia, and courses pertaining to human rights.


8-   To encourage regional and international cooperation for the promotion and protection of human rights.


9-   To publish specialized publications and releases on human rights.