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The National Society for Human Rights has appreciated the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding covering the fees for adjusting the residency status of displaced people from neighboring countries for a period of (four) years, and the previous fees incurred by them, as well as the financial compensation for their companions that are previously incurred on them. In addition, the state will cover the fines previously incurred by them that are related to violations of the provisions of the residency system.

Besides, the Chairman of the Society, Mr. Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Fakhri, has emphasized that this humanitarian step comes as a continuation of the state’s attention to human rights in all its aspects. It also reflects its constant and continuous keenness to exert giving and means of goodness within the framework of permanent care for all acts of charity and maximize their impact, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan.

He has also expressed his thanks to the wise leadership for its constant support for human rights through the Kingdom’s permanent initiatives in supporting humanitarian work, which represents the general approach of the state and the humanitarian pillars it contained, asking God Almighty to preserve this country’s leadership and perpetuate the blessing of security and stability.