File a Complaint

Filing a Complaint and its Mechanism

Steps to filing a Complaint

Delivering the complaint to the Society through the following ways:

1- Fax

2- phone

3- Coming by yourself

4- Post

For Filling in the Complaint’s form, please follow these steps:

1-File the complaint, print and fill in the following form  Click here

2- Complete your personal information that are relating to the complaint in terms of:

– Write the complaint clearly

– Write your contact number, e-mail and place of residency.

– Attach a copy of the ID card (the Saudis) and a copy of the residency or passport (for non-Saudis), if any

– Attach any papers that may support your complaint.

3- Send your complaint form after printing it along with the papers that support your complaint by fax or post at the following addresses:

– Principle Head Quarter: (Riyadh)

Riyadh – Muhamadiyah District

Al Gemaha Center – 4th floor

Phone: +966114097911

Fax: +966112102202

P.O.Box: 1881 Riyadh: 11321


 – Makkah Al Mokaramah Branch – Jeddah :

Jeddah – Muhamadiyah District – Al Madinah Descending Road

Phone: +96626222261

Fax:     +96626222196

P.O.Box: 116664 Jeddah: 21391



– The Sacred Capital Office:

Phone: +96625545211

Fax:     +96625545212


– Eastern Region Branch –Dammam:

Dammam: Al Shati District

Phone: +96638098353

Fax:     +96638098354

P.O.Box: 15578 Dammam: 31454


– Jazan Region Branch:

Phone: +96673175566

Fax:    +96673173344

P.O.Box: 476


– Al-Jouf Region Branch:

Sakaka- Al Aziziah District

Phone: +96646258144

Fax:     +96646258155

P.O.Box: 2766


– Madina Almenora Branch:

Prince Abdelmohsen St. – The Building of the Capital Center for Businessmen

Phone: +96648664544                       Fax:     +96648664549

P.O.Box: 775 Madina: 41421

– Aseer Region Branch

Ring Belt, the northern side, the intersection of Al Taif street with the belt, in front of Al-Abha Mall markets. building No. 24.

 Phone: +966172269186

 Fax: + 966172310349

 P.O.Box: 4292 Abha: 61491