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The National Society for Human Rights has appreciated the great efforts made by the Government of the Kingdom and the services it provided at all levels to serve pilgrims. These efforts have contributed to preserving the security and safety of pilgrims and the performance of their rituals with ease. It has also provided them with the appropriate health care which resulted in the absence of any security or health incidents that threaten the safety of pilgrims in the Hajj of this year 1445 thanks to God.

In addition, it has appreciated the continuous qualitative efforts made by all security agencies that provided the main pillar to ensure a safe and reassuring Hajj environment, and has praised the comprehensive organization, health services, modern facilities and volunteer teams that monitored them during the Hajj, as well as the humanitarian treatment of the security men with pilgrims from the time of their arrival to the Kingdom until their departure. Besides, it has provided support services for the elderly and people with special needs, providing transportation to ensure their comfort and enable them to perform their rituals with ease, and allocating ambulances to transport patients from the holy sites, and providing advanced medical services through mobile clinics and health centers equipped with the latest equipment.

Furthermore, the Society has also indicated that one of the important aspects it monitored is the use of artificial intelligence and modern technologies to facilitate the Hajj process using smart phone applications to guide pilgrims and help them move between the holy sites easily, and provide them with electronic cards to facilitate their access to their campaign headquarters and provide the services they need. They have also provided gathering areas with Wi-Fi networks free of charge, which contributed to the performance of pilgrims to their rituals easily and smoothly and allowed them to communicate with their families.  The flexible rubber roads have also been allocated for the guests of Al- Rahman that work to absorb the stresses of pilgrims wishing to walk on foot between the holy site of Arafa and Muzdalifah, and the technology of cooling roads through white paint, and other efforts to serve pilgrims, which were monitored by the Society’s field team formed to monitor the Hajj.

Finally, the Society has stressed the importance of developing more controls and procedures to prevent the exploitation of Hajj companies, and to eliminate random practices caused by individuals who violate the instructions regulating Hajj, which may result in infringement and violation of the rights of regular pilgrims.

National Society for Human Rights