Chairman’s Word

The National Society for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia has the honor to provide its Web site on the” Internet”  in which it explains its origins, terms of reference, goals and system as well as introducing its most important achievements and activities with a periodic update of all the news,  reports, activities, visits and information. The Society has been keen to include in its site all that is useful and contribute to spread the culture of human rights in our country and promote the achievements that have been made ​​during the past years in collaboration with the various governmental agencies.

The website visitors will notice the Society’s care to promote the awareness and the culture of human rights through publishing several laws, regulations, agreements , consultancy and publications that acknowledge the various segments of the society of their rights. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, may God protect him, has confirmed on the independence of the Society’s work. He is also eager to promote the individuals’ rights and protect their freedoms in our country through his ongoing directives to the governmental agencies to take into account the rights of individuals. Besides, he warns against overtaking them and pledges to hold accountable any official no matter how high his position , capping it with his famous statement ” will smite with the sword of justice the injustice”. In this regard, all the above has enabled the Society carry out its duties.

The National Society for Human Rights makes its website available for those who are wishing to know and follow-up its activities and welcomes everyone to communicate with it so as to fulfill its responsibilities in the field of protecting and promoting human rights and spreading its culture as well as providing all that is useful as  the constructive suggestions and objective criticism.

In addition, the Society was keen to make this site available as well for those who wish to complaint. It has also sought that there should be a site for the information center that deals with the statistics, studies, documentation and collection of information, reports and references related to human rights and classifies them in order to be used in everything that serve and achieve the objectives of the Society and serve those who are concerned with human rights affairs in the Kingdom.

At the end,  I would like to deeply thank everyone in the Society including the  supervisors, administrators, researchers, staff and employees and especially those who are responsible for following-up this site, may Allah help us all for success.

  The Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights

Mr. Khaled bin Abd-Al Rahman Al Fakhri