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The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Saudi Arabia has strongly condemned the allegations mentioned in the Human Rights Watch report regarding the shooting of Ethiopians by Saudi border guards on the Saudi-Yemeni border.

The Society has mentioned, in its statement, that it is constantly monitoring the conditions of those who violate residency regulations in the Kingdom and those who infiltrate its borders, and that it has not observed any use of violence against them, and that the human side is given priority in dealing with violators.

Besides, the Society has pointed out that the report does not rely on any objective evidence or reliable sources. According to the report, interviews were conducted with people in the cities of Sanaa and Saada, which reinforces the doubt about the validity of such allegations.

In addition, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhry, has said that the Society did not observe anything concerning what was raised and no one came forward to it with a complaint in this regard. He adds saying that the Society’s branches in the southern regions of the Kingdom did not observe any violations of what the report claimed and that the Human Rights Watch did not communicate with the Society regarding its allegations. Hence, making such accusations without confirmed evidence is not in line with the mechanisms of human rights work that emphasize objectivity, impartiality, accuracy of information, and verifying its validity and examining it before preparing reports and publishing them.


The National Society for Human Rights