Date of the Memo:

On Monday 01/01/1441 AH corresponding to 9/3/2019 AD


Parties of the Memo:

King Khalid University and the National Society for Human Rights’ branch in Asir


The aim of the Memo:

A number of topics were discussed, the most important of which are:

  • Spreading human rights culture, benefiting from the large facilities owned by the university, especially the human element, and training the students of the Institute for Research and Consulting Studies in the field of human rights.
  • Discussing all aspects of the agreement and came up with recommendations to ensure the implementation of the agreement as required, then a joint minutes were prepared at the end of the meeting.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdullah Al-Majdhaif, Vice President of Irwa , Businessman Sheikh Meshaal Al-Zaidi and Businessman Mr. Saleh Al-Suleimani, and from the Wydad Association: Professor Suleiman Al-Namlah, Vice President of the Association of Wedad, Brigadier Engineer Muhammad Al-Sabban, Professor Hani Taibah, and Professor Magda Abdel Aziz, Director of Public Relations and Professor Nisreen Hafez director of the House of Incubation in Makkah and a number of businessmen.

From the National Society for Human Rights’ side is Brigadier Engineer Tawfiq Jawharji, Professor Muhammad Clinton and the Branch’s CEO, Abdullah Khadrawi.