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Al-Fakhri: Man and his rights are important issue in the Saudi regime

On Tuesday, 17 Shaaban 1445 AH, on the occasion of the founding day,  the National Society for Human Rights, within its cultural program, has hosted, His Excellency Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Samari, the Secretary-General of the King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah), in a meeting to talk about good governance for the leaders of the Saudi state – humanitarian positions. His Excellency has shed light on the features of good governance since the establishment of Saudi Arabia, which are based on attention and care for people, taking into account their affairs and touching their needs. Besides, His Excellency has stressed that the principle of caring for people and the rulers’ policy of open councils since the establishment of Saudi Arabia until the present time reflects the rulers’ keenness on the people and preserving their rights, which is one of the features of good governance. His Excellency has also explained that kings are always keen to mention the contributions of citizens in the service of their country. His Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Asaker, Head of Marketing and Communication Sector at the Quality of Life Program, has also participated in the meeting, and shed light on the quality of life and its impact on human rights in accordance with Vision 2030.

Welcoming the guests of the meeting, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhri, has said that the founding day represents a source of pride in the unity, stability and security established by the Saudi state throughout history, and has also contributed to the close link between citizens and their leaders, which contributed to the quality of human life on the land of the Kingdom.

Moreover, Al-Fakhri has also stressed that the relationship between the leader and the citizen in Saudi Arabia was characterized by a special and distinctive character which is based on the virtues of moderation, positivity and initiative. Hence, the human being and his rights have become an important issue in the Saudi regime.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Society has presented a shield to the guests of the meeting in appreciation of their participation.

The meeting was attended by a group of their Excellencies from governmental agencies, the Shura Council and universities.