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The National Society for Human Rights appreciates the issuance of the cabinet’s decision to establish a program entitled the “Legal Departments Support Program” with the aim of supporting and developing legal departments in government agencies.

The Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhri, has said that the legal departments in government agencies represent the legal system in the Kingdom, through which legal protection of human rights is provided. Hence, the role they play is important and has an impact on preserving rights and promoting justice through the application of what was stipulated by the regulations in force in the Kingdom. In addition, they also help in spreading awareness of these regulations, studying complaints and grievances that fall within their competence, in addition to conducting the necessary legal research and studies. There is no doubt that the program will also contribute to developing the performance of these departments and the capabilities of their employees, which will be reflected in the quality of their outputs.

Besides, Al-Fakhri has stressed that the establishment of such a program confirms the attention paid by the leadership to the legal work, its development and enhancing the efficiency of its outputs as well as its related procedures. This comes in line with the public policies and the clear legislative and human rights pillars it included so as to support and promote human rights on the territory of the Kingdom and achieve comprehensive legal justice.


National Society for Human Rights