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On Thursday 29/02/1445 AH, the Executive Council of the National Society for Human Rights, headed by the Chairman of the Society His Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhri, has held a meeting with the Society’s digital transformation team. The supervisors of the Society’s branches in the regions have participated in the meeting in which they have discussed the digital transformation project of the Society’ work which came in several stages. The transformation team has presented the stages of the implementation of the project and the objectives to be achieved. Among the objectives are developing the mechanisms for receiving and addressing cases, providing legal and human rights support to beneficiaries, communicating with various governmental sectors. In addition, other objectives include facilitating the work of the Society and enhancing its role in societal services by employing the latest technologies and programs in this field. Furthermore, the members of the Society have presented during the meetin their observations and submitted their proposals in a way that contributes to the success of the project. The digital transformation project comes within a comprehensive development plan adopted by the Society so as to improve its work and its role in protecting and promoting human rights in line with the objectives of the Kingdom. 


National Society for Human Rights