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The Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Dr. Mufleh Rabian Al-Qahtani, has condemned the Intel CIA report and the statement of some of the American officials regarding the death of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The report is trying to blame the Kingdom and its leadership because of a mistake committed by a group of people who violated the laws and the requirements of their jobs, and they were tried by the Saudi authorities in a fair trial and in the presence of international representatives, jurists, and the family of the victim.  Those who were condemned by the death of the Saudi citizen were punished with the maximum penalties, some of which amounted to the death penalty.  Besides, the Chairman has said that the Saudi Authorities have previously taken all the legal procedures that should be taken towards them.

In addition, he has emphasized that the trial of the defendants was carried out in accordance with the applicable criminal laws and regulations, and the National Society for Human Rights was keen to attend those trials and to ensure that the procedures of these trials were conducted with transparency and integrity in light of the independence and sovereignty of the Saudi judiciary, which issued final judicial rulings against all those involved in that case.

The Chairman has also added that what the US intelligence report concluded was based on personal conclusions and press reports but it was not based on objective facts, which makes it dependent on suspicion and speculation, not on certainty, which proves that nothing was hidden about this incident as the Saudi authorities went to.

Moreover, the Chairman has affirmed that everyone supports the protection and promotion of human rights, but on the condition that this noble goal is not politicized and not exploited by some people to fulfill electoral promises or to achieve political goals. It is clear that the issued report, its timing, and the statements of some American officials that followed it,  have nothing to do with the protection of human rights; rather, this was addressed to achieve political goals. For more illustration, the report is not based on any objective evidence and did not include any new facts, but rather aims to raise controversy in a previously completed case that was issued and it contains a final court ruling that everyone must respect.