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On the occasion of the International Day to Combat Trafficking in Persons, on July 30 of each year, as approved by the United Nations General Assembly meeting held in December 2013, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr.Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fakhri, has stressed the importance of intensifying awareness-raising efforts regarding the types and methods of human trafficking crimes as well as the regular mechanisms used to address and stand firmly against the perpetrators, in a way that contributes to benefiting from them, preserves human dignity and physical integrity, and prevents exploitation.

In addition, Al-Fakhri has added that the National Society for Human rights has been following the issues of human trafficking and other related issues since its inception and has been working with the relevant authorities in the country to address them through many preventive programs in accordance with what was stipulated in the Kingdom’s regulations. For more illustration, the regulations have clarified the criminalized practices systemically and that contributed to raising community awareness of many practices that classify crimes of trafficking in persons. The Chairman has added that Society is ready to provide support and participation with the team of the national referral mechanism to combat trafficking in persons.

The Chairman of the Society has also indicated that the International Day to Combat Trafficking in Persons is an opportunity to work on coordination with the national and international efforts to develop measures to address the crime of trafficking in persons in line with developments in this crime, and for there to be a clear and consistent international position adopted by the United Nations towards those who practice crimes classified as trafficking in persons.

Finally Al-Fakhri has concluded his statement by appreciating the tireless efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to combat human trafficking through many initiatives. For instance, the issuance of a special system to combat human trafficking crimes, accession to conventions and protocols dealing with such crimes, and the adoption of the National Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons 2023 AD in addition to launching the national referral mechanism for victims of trafficking in persons and to prepare a central national team and sub-units in the regions of the Kingdom to implement the national referral system for victims of trafficking in persons, which contributed to the preservation and stability of human rights.