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On Tuesday, Sha’baan 1444, the National Society for Human Rights, and as part of its cultural program, will host His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saad bin Nasser Al-Shathri, Advisor at the Royal Court and member of the Council of Senior Scholars. His Excellency will talk about moderation and respect for the right to differenceto which he invited a number of virtues and excellencies. On this occasion, the Chairman of the National Society for Human Rights, Mr. Khaled Al-Fakhri, has stated that this cultural and educational meeting aims to shed light on moderation and respect for the right to difference, which are among the human values and principles urged by our Islamic religion, the religion of moderation and moderation.

Besides, the Chairman of the Society has explained that the series of meetings that are held by the Society aim to spread the culture of human rights and raise the level of awareness in the belief that knowledge and awareness constitute two important pillars for the protection and promotion of rights.

The Chairman of the Society has also confirmed that the programs of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 have opened wide doors for the culture of coexistence, respect for the right to difference, and building bridges of communication between civilizations and cultures through efforts calling for peaceful coexistence and rejecting violence, hatred and sectarianism. They also contribute in spreading the culture of dialogue and promoting the values of national cohesion and coexistence and the culture of societal dialogue. In addition, one of the most prominent programs of the vision is the program to enhance the national personality with the aim of building a national identity based on the virtues of moderation, moderation, positivity and initiative.