The Date of the Memo:

26/12/1429 AH – 24/12/2008 AD


The parties of the Memo:

The National Society for Human Rights and the Family safety Program


The Purpose of the Memo:

This Memo has included the joint cooperation in spreading awareness and contributing in supporting the awareness campaigns that are consistent with the objectives of the two parties. Besides, it has included the cooperation in organizing the training courses and holding workshops, seminars and conferences that are compatible with the objectives of the Society as well as providing the consultation on the cases of domestic violence and child abuse and following- up transferring these cases to the competent social, medical, and legal authorities. In addition, cooperating in conducting surveys and scientific studies regarding the domestic violence sponsored by the program and providing the technical support for it.
There was also a sub memorandum concerning the implementation of the program of the violence against children campaign, as the two parties have agreed on the joint cooperation in finding sponsors for the campaign and participate in bearing the burden.